SilverDay ObjectDNS


  • Easy to use API - Do everything from SecondLife
  • Redirect-Service
  • optional password protection for domain
  • optional Web-Administration
  • write-protect the domain in the webinterface.
  • pass-through of POST- and GET-parameters
  • 10000 lookup-requests free every month

Creating client-/server-applications in secondlife using only the assets available in SL can be quite tiresome. Due to the dynamic nature of the object-data used to identify an object (UUID, LSL-URL), which changes either when a sim is restarted or an object is taken and rezzed again, the reliability of those applications is not very high. The changed contact-information needs to be distributed to all object in the network. To create a reliable communication-network in SecondLife requires outside help. And that is where ObjectDNS-Systems come in. Similar to the Domain-Name-System of the internet an ObjectDNS will provide the adress for a registered handle (domain) on request.

The Silverday ObjectDNS provides several options beyond a simple lookup. To secure domains against unauthorized change, each domain is tied to an avatar. Only objects owned by the domain-owner can change the domain-entry. While usually looking up a domain, does not require any special authentication, you have the option of adding a password, that must be supplied when requesting the information for a domain. Also objects communicating by using http-requests don't even need to request the information seperatly. SilverDay ObjectsDNS offers a redirect-service for domains. Just call and your call is redirected to the registered URL including any parameters passed using GET or POST. Of course password-protection is available for this option too. And finally if you are a registered user of the SilverDay Production website you can administrate your domains using the webforms here at the website.

The LSL-API of the ObjectDNS is available for free at our shops and at XStreetSL. A detailed documentation and a ZIP-file with the API and the examples can be downloaded here on the website by registered users. Please contact Till Stirling if you require further support.

As mentioned above the ObjectDNS-service is basically free for normal use. Normal use means, you have 10000 lookup-requests per domain free every month, which should be sufficient for personal use. Administrative requests (registration / updating, etc.)are not counted. If you require more requests, you can purchase them at one of the terminals in our shop. At the beginning of of each month if you have less than 10000 requests left your available requests will be reset to 10000. In addition if your domain is not used for seven days it will be automatically deleted if you have 10000 or less requests left. If you would like a higher monthly limit, or maybe even no monthly limit, please contact Till Stirling for terms and pricing.

Now you may ask, "Why should I pay for a service I can get for free somewhere else?" Well, you can of course use the free service if you like, but SilverDay ObjectDNS offers you far more options than the free services. Easy-to-use-API, password protection, hit-counter, and web-interface are only some of the features available. We are continually working on the features.

Another question often asked is if you can use SilverDay ObjectDNS in your own commercial projects. Of course you can, as long as you give us appropriate credit (i.e. Powered by SilverDay ObjectDNS) and make your customer aware of the conditions of the usage.

To protect us and others, this service will be closely monitored and any domain suspected of abuse will be blocked. If somebody repeatedly abuses our service he/she will be banned permanently from using ObjectDNS and we reserve the right to demand payment of damages caused by that individual. If you want to report abuse of this service, please contact Till Stirling or use the contact-form here at the website!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this thing cost?
Basically the service is free. However, you are limited to 10,000 requests each month. If you reach the limit, your domain will be deactivated for the rest of the month. If you need more requests per month, or maybe even unlimited requests, please contact Till Stirling..

Can I see how many requests I have left?
In the web-interface on our Website you can see an overview over all domains regeistered by objects you own, and how many requests the have left. Eventually I will provide an API-call with that funtionality.

Do I have to signup at your webpage to use this?
No you certainly do not have to signup. However, signing up for a free account gives you access to a web-interface, where you can administrate your domains. You can do everything using the webapi.

Can I sell my products using your system?
But of course you can! All LSL-scripts come with full permissions. All I ask is that you mention us somewhere (i.e. Powered by SilverDay ObjectDNS). If you feel esp. generous, you can give us a free version of your product. We will maintain a list of objects using our system on our site. If you do not want users to change a domain created by your object through the web-interface, you can write-protect your domain. The user will see the domain, your object registered under his name, but he will not be able to change it (and thus possibly breaking the object).

When I try to use your example script, it says it can't update it, since I am not the owner of the domain.
Each domain is tied to the owner of the object that registered that domain. So the domain in the example script is tied to my avatar. Just change the domain to a name of your choice, and you are all set.

Can my domain contain special characters?
Yes and no. The system is setup so that it will convert special characters. But I would advise not to use special characters (including space!).

All of a sudden my domain stopped working!
This can have several reasons. Most likely you have used all of your available requests for this month. If you require more requests per month, please contact Till Stirling. Another (hopefully rare) reason could be, that if you used our service for illegal or abusive purposes (spamming, etc.), your domain was deactivated by me.

Is there a more detailed documentation available?
Yes! A more detailed documentation is available to registered users of this website.

I need a certain feature or want to report a bug.
Please contact Till Stirling inWorld.

I still have problems or my question is not listed here!
Please contact Till Stirling inWorld.